Weather stations EC (pictures)

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Weather stations EC (pictures)

Postby Canada Goose » Thu May 24, 2018 7:40 pm

Hi everyone,

I create this new topic in order to post as many pictures as possible of EC weather stations.

Indeed, it is important to know the real environment of a station in order to judge its reliability. Many stations are poorly installed, that's why some are too warm compared to the reality and overheat (underexposed).

So, you are invited to share your pictures! ;)

I begin with a good station: Kelowna UCBO

Kelowna UBCO.jpg

And a bad one... Osoyoos! :x

Osoyoos (2).jpg
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Re: Weather stations EC (pictures)

Postby Glacier » Fri May 25, 2018 8:29 am

Good topic. I have commented about the Osoyoos station before, most notibly that the Osoyoos West station (closed in 2009) was often 4 or so degrees colder during hot days even though it was only 200m away! It has always been suspicious to me that Osoyoos was never the Canadian hotspot for any given year for 40 years, and then suddenly as soon as the CS station opened up in 1990, it was the hottest thermometer in Canada almost every year for 10 years. Then suddenly it stopped being so hot, and by 2009 had come down closer to the Osoyoos West station.

It's quite interesting that you can actually Google Streetview many of the remote weather stations in Canada, even in the most northern and remote community in the Yukon where there are no roads!

Old Crow, Yukon (most northern community in the Yukon)
Puntzi Mountain, BC(near where I grew up, and one of the coldest places in BC)
Blue River, BC (the least windy place in Canada)
Dawson, YT (taken in the dead of winter)
Fort Nelson, BC (seems like a bad location to me).
Prince George, BC (one of the best located weather stations I've ever been able to find)

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