2017 Year in Review

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2017 Year in Review

Postby Typeing3 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:44 pm

2017 was a year of extremes here on the Lower Mainland and across BC.

One of the snowiest February's in years was followed up by one of the wettest springs on record. A quick transition to summer ensued as the moisture tap shut off in mid June and did not start up again until early October. Summer was very hot as well, with the caribou/chilcotin region burning up for months.

Smoke would prove to be a problem in early August, with hot temperatures combined with dangerous air quality putting a damper on many summer activities.The smoke finally parted in mid August accompanied by rain showers, allowing for a respite from the persistent heat. However, the smoke would return with a vengeance in early September, this time accompanied by our hottest temperatures since the infamous 2009 heatwave.

A fairly normal fall save for a quick arctic shot in early November ensued, with the island receiving a significant snowfall. A stagnant first half of December featured many days of fog in Metro Vancouver before a more active pattern took hold mid month with a minor snow event for the mainland, and another significant snowfall for the island on the 20th. A surprise White Christmas was in store for the south coast, with light snow falling on Christmas Day before a devastating ice storm unfolded in the Fraser valley to close out 2017.

YVR Weatherbox 2017:
Vancouver YVR Climate 2017.PNG

YXX Weatherbox 2017:
Abbotsford YXX Climate 2017.PNG

My Top 3 events for 2017:
1. Early February snowstorms
2. Hot/dry/smoky summer
3. Wettest spring on record
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Re: 2017 Year in Review

Postby Hound » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:38 pm

Nice. Thanks!
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Re: 2017 Year in Review

Postby Glacier » Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:29 am

Here's an Okanagan summary. I'm using the Penticton airport because it's pretty much the only weather station left in the Okanagan that reports with any reliability. The rest are all automated, and they suck with precipitation by glitching often. For example, the Vernon station didn't record any precipitation over the Christmas holidays even though it really did snow quite a lot (it looks like the heater was broken so it didn't melt the snow to measure it). And that's better than the Kelowna airport which has over 50 days of mission data last year.

Anyway, using Penticton as a reference point for the Okanangan, 2017 was 3rd coldest YEAR in the past 30 years. That's largely because it started out so cold.


Last winter was the 2nd coldest winter in 30 years (only 1993 was colder), and then the cold continued into the Spring. Spring turned out to be the 9th coldest in 30 years.

If you love symmetry, the average temperature in the Spring was also 9.0, and the average annual temperature was 9.0.

Moving on, the summer was quite hot, the 8th hottest in 30 years, and the 11th hottest ever. The warmth continued into the Fall, but a cold stretch in November pushed the season into the average category.

And in terms of precipitation, we all remember than the Spring was by far the wettest on record followed by the driest summer on record...


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