Environment Canada and NCEP Models

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Environment Canada and NCEP Models

Postby timmelino » Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:00 pm

Hi Everyone,

Through countless hours programming and web design, I have finally relaunched my model point extraction webpage. We have a redesigned web interface that makes pulling global model points faster and even more efficient than before from a wide variety of model. This version of the page is still new and some bugs are still possible. We have additional features on the way. I would love to get some information from weather enthusiasts using the page as far as suggestions and/or comments. If something is missing that you would like to see just send me an email or a comment and I will see if we can get it added to the site. The new URL is http://www.gridpointweather.com.

email address: tmelino@meso.com

- Tim Melino
Application Developer / Meteorologist

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