Was January 22nd, 2014 really 70 degrees?

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Was January 22nd, 2014 really 70 degrees?

Postby Glacier » Tue Oct 25, 2016 11:21 am

As you all know, the weather station "BURNABY SIMON FRASER U" recorded 21.5C/71F on January 22nd, 2014. This is the warmest temperature ever recorded in BC in January, but does it stand up to scrutiny? Most so called "weather records" never actually happened, so we can't just accept a record even when EC says it has "undergone quality control checks."

January 2014 was a very strange month in which the Yukon shattered the all time record for the territory by over 5 degrees C. All 3 Burwash Landing weather stations recorded 16+ degrees at 800m elevation (the old Yukon record from Whitehorse was 10.0C). Many weather stations beat the old 10.9 degree record as Chinook winds created extreme compressive heating.

Back to the Lower Mainland, the SFU weather station is up on top of the mountain (over 300m elevation), which you'd expect to be colder than everyone else, but it is much warmer -- even though many other stations set records that day. But then there' Grouse Mountain at over 1000m elevation that was 13 degrees that week, though not as warm on the 22nd.

It does seem like there was a bit of an inversion at night with SFU staying above freezing while YXX (for example) was 6 degrees colder at night. YXX did hit 13 during the month, but still, a lot cooler than 21.5C. Winter does create extreme differences in temperature over short distances so it's not as easy to differentiate errors from legitimate values compared with the summer months.

My question is, what do you think the odds are that SFU was indeed 21.5?


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Re: Was January 22nd, 2014 really 70 degrees?

Postby Canada Goose » Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:01 pm

Glacier wrote:My question is, what do you think the odds are that SFU was indeed 21.5?

I think it's a false data. The previous monthly record was - is - 16,5 °C.
All of the others weather stations of Greater Vancouver reach 7 to 12 °C. It's impossible for SFU to have 21,5 °C !
For Yukon and northern BC values, the situation was pretty different: Chinook touch' ! :D
A very impressive situation but it was « physically » explicable, that is not the case for SFU station.
My 2 cents...

[Sorry for my poor English] :)

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