Weather and Sloppy Journalism

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Weather and Sloppy Journalism

Postby Glacier » Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:01 am

Brian Williams of NBC has been felt pressure to take some time away because he lied by stretching the truth a little when he said he was in the aircraft that was hit by RPG, when the truth was that he was in the aircraft behind the one that got hit.

Here in BC, news people stretch the truth in a similar fashion, but we don't bat an eye over it. For example, this Okanagan article pulls a Brian Williams by pretending that the 13 degrees in Penticton occurred in Kelowna. All three Kelowna weather stations recorded 11.7 or less on Friday, and even Osoyoos maxed out at 12.4C.

Here is another example with CTV also pulling a Brian Williams. 109 cm fell in Terrace, not Kitimat.

Not to be outdone, the CBC also got in the game of posting incorrect information, though I think at least their error was an honest one since they seemed to have confused the date at which Kitimat set her record daily snowfall amount. To understand how confused the CBC was here, understand that the CTV article was correct by stating that the 112 cm in a single day occurred on Feb. 18, 1972. CBC took this 112 cm figure, and found a month where kitimat totaled 112 cm for the entire month, then they found the wettest day that month (which had 87 mm of rain, and NO snow), and called that the snowiest day on record. This was a sloppy error that you find in almost every weather related article, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it was a Brian Williams type of error.

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