Lowest Humidity in Canada

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Lowest Humidity in Canada

Postby Glacier » Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:12 am

Does anyone know what the highest dew point depression or lowest relative humidity in Canadian history happens to be?

The American record is 129°F (71.8°C). This equates to 1% RH.

Ashcroft's dew point is way lower than anywhere else in southern BC, so I'm wondering if it holds the record for the lowest relative humidity. At 4pm on July 13th it had a dew point depression of 40.7°C (73.3°F). This equates to a relative humidity of 8%.

There are many examples of websites listing the highest humidexes or most humid places, but so far as I can tell no one ever talks about the least humid location.

Has the humidity ever been under 8% in Canada? If so, where and when?

BTW, the highest humidex in Vancouver, Victoria, and Whitehorse were all set in 2009 (see link above).

EDIT: The Ashcroft station started in 2010, so I've gone back and looked at a few of the hotter months. May 2012 had a relative humidity of 7%.

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