Rules For Everyone

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Rules For Everyone

Postby stuffradio » Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:15 pm

1) No flaming or attacking members. This is supposed to be a place to be positive and only discuss weather or other fun things. We don't want to turn into that other forum we know about where everyone attacks each other almost every post. Administrators and Moderators are not immune from infractions. Let's make this a newbie friendly place. If you see someone attacking, report the post. We'll give 3 warnings, and a week long ban if you repeat after the 3 warnings and the first ban. The length of the ban will double after that.

This should be the only rule we need. Let me know what you think of this rule. Remember, report posts if you see someone attacking. I want this to be a fun place, not one where everyone attacks each other.

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