!IMPORTANT! Info For Members Migrating From The Old Forums!

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!IMPORTANT! Info For Members Migrating From The Old Forums!

Postby rhondle » Sun Feb 23, 2014 8:48 pm


1) Newly registered users are heavily restricted initially. Don't take it personally!! First, after three moderator-approved posts your account will automatically upgrade to regular user. If you don't want to wait, send me (or another admin) a PM and we can update your stats manually (be sure to include your old username if you changed it so we know who you are)

2) If you were a regular contributor, a charter member or a lurker from the early days - drop me a PM and i'll update your status to "charter member" accordingly. It identifies the long-standing community members who made these forums what they are and offers recognition to those who deserve it (eg, you!)

3) If you want your post count to include the number from the old forums, PM me and I will update it manually. If you've changed your username, let me know your old username so I can match it up. I have already done this manually for the top 10 prolific posters but it's time consuming especially since some users have changed their names, so maybe it's just easier if you PM me the info and i'll update them one at a time.

4) IF YOUR USERNAME IS DIFFERENT than it was on the old forums, please add your former username into your profile (http://forums.weatherpage.ca/ucp.php -> Profile) to help with the transition.

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