Storm Chase 8-6-2014

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Storm Chase 8-6-2014

Postby LightningMan » Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:23 am

Did some storm chasing yesterday evening (Aug 6, 2014) around Alberta. Drove north from Calgary and parked near TR 292 and Hwy 766. Was watching this storm with my vantage point near the black arrow at 6:30pm and was seeing a massive CB cloud grow to my south. I was originally interested in the storm to the north of me. The new cell developed from literally nothing and then a towering cumulus to a CB cloud producing its first lightning strike in about 20 minutes or so. The inflow was insane on this as you could literally watch the cloud explode without viewing it on a time lapse.

In the next radar update 10 minutes later (6:40pm) you can see the storm has suddenly began to dump rain and hail. It was hailing dime sized hail so I drove out of the way to the west to get out of it for fear of getting golfball sized hail.

Here is a picture I took at 5:52pm of the southern edge of the storm (looking west). You can see the underside of the anvil and not too much going on south of this.

At 6:08pm I took this picture which now shows a towering cumulus turning into a CB in an area where there was almost nothing to be seen (looking west).

At 6:37pm I took this picture now looking south. You can see an area of inflow which was moving very quickly. At this point it had already produced a few cloud to ground lightning strikes.

At 6:41pm I took this picture from close to the same vantage point and looking in the same direction and the heavens opened up and began to dump rain/hail.

After getting out of the way of the hail I chased this storm towards Airdrie. It nearly produced a funnel cloud.
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Re: Storm Chase 8-6-2014

Postby rhondle » Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:28 am

Awesome pics!

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Re: Storm Chase 8-6-2014

Postby Hound » Thu Aug 07, 2014 12:03 pm

Wow! Thanks for sharing!
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